Cannabis lifestyle that finally matches yours.

Why Flame?

Flame is for anyone newly getting acquainted, or already accustomed with cannabis, who understand quality and beautiful products lead to a quality and beautiful experience. 

I'll forever remember the day a decade ago when my parents let me in on their 'little secret' of being cannabis cultivators, being taken to their greenhouse, and marveling in awe as they opened the gates to Jurassic Park before my eyes. It was in that moment that the multitude and untold beneficial properties of this remarkable plant began to demystify and normalize for me.

Over the years, the art of consuming and enjoying a session has evolved ten-fold: from the notorious makeshift cut-up soda can, to the cheeky pipe discreetly camouflaged as a lipstick vial, to being spoiled with infused Reese's peanut butter cups mom used to make. 

In a market full of glass blown tie-dye and science kits - I always found myself scouring elsewhere for gems that could be repurposed for my sessions that better fit my style. Flame and it's curated assortment are for the chance I'm not alone.